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Student Coaching

Studying for exams can be stressful and sometimes students can struggle to perform to the best of their potential during the exam and revision period and their wellbeing can suffer.


The most common issues I deal with are: problems staying focused, overwhelm and exhaustion, procrastination, lack of motivation, anxiety, freezing in the exam, low energy, low mood, lack of self confidence, a personal, or family event has caused additional pressure and stress and the student has derailed and is struggling to get back on track.


Difficulty focusing and not sure what to revise

"Kathy taught me how I  can work with my problems, even if they cannot be solved directly.  That way, I learnt to do what I can as well as my best even in situations which make it seem impossible.  Therefore, my exams have been less stressful, and I felt more confident about my answers once I came out of them.  Now I feel ready to apply the lessons Kathy has taught me and use them to the aspects of life outside of exams."

High anxiety in exams, lack of motivation to revise

"The coaching sessions were a huge help because Kathy went through ways to keep me calm in my exams which I have used, and they worked amazingly well.  I was also able to revise harder for areas I don't like.  I now feel confident I can do well for my final exams with the amazing help I got."

Overwhelmed - trouble planning & organising revision

"The coaching was very helpful as I was able to build a good rapport with Kathy and she was very good at helping me understand that I was in a much better situation then I believed I was. Rather than just giving me advice, she helped me see that the advice I was giving myself was good just needed to be changed to better fit me.  Also, the advice she did give me was in manageable steps and didn't require me to change too drastically and it taught me to be more goal oriented in what I wanted to achieve."

How coaching helps

Coaching with me helps investigate what is actually happening and how you are responding.  I have a lot of experience helping people get 'unstuck' and I can and do give tips and techniques I know will help.  However, each person is unique and so what we do is focus on your goals and brainstorm together to find what you think will be the best route forward for you.  So that you leave feeling confident you can make the changes you need to get the results you want in your life. 

I am currently working with Seaford Head 6th form as part of the pastoral care offered to their students.  I am also available for private work via zoom. 

"Kathy has provided outstanding coaching to our students for the past two academic years. Her skillful and considered approach, along with her warm and empathetic demeanor, has had an incredible impact on our students. We have seen improved confidence in the students she has worked with, increased organisation and focus, which has ultimately resulted in happier and more resilient young people who have also increased their academic results, some as much as two whole grades. We are grateful for Kathy’s ‘going above and beyond’ approach and look forward to her continued coaching with our students".  Ms Ralph Assistant Head of Year 12 & 13 Seaford Head 6th Form

If you are either an organisation or a private individual interested in coaching with me you can email me at or call 07854 139921 for a chat to find out more.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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