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Client Comments:

“ I always leave our sessions with a sense of renewal. Having discussed issues, new approaches and anything else that might have come up. I know that I can park whatever has been clogging up my mind and approach the next challenge equipped with new approaches that have emerged through the meetings. I cannot overstate how helpful it has been!” SY.

Thank you so much, you've really helped me conquer my anxiety and helped me get control of my life again and for that I will be forever grateful.” SH.

“ I am more assertive and can say no without feeling the need to justify myself or feel guilt...It has been an absolute pleasure talking with you.  Your smile is infectious and your welcome always warm.  I really cannot thank you enough.” T.

“ I’ve learnt that perfection isn’t always attainable, and that’s OK.  The most important thing is the ability to be comfortable in your own skin, without worrying what others may think or comparing yourself to them...Kathy you have been incredibly considerate and patient with me throughout this process, your positive outlook and attentive nature is commendable! I’m so glad I came to you, I’ve learnt a lot and have a changed attitude.  That’s down to you – thank you!”.” J.

“ Kathy creates a safe, confidential environment in which I feel I can talk openly and honestly, something I’ve not been able to do up to now.” C.

“ I have noticed a really big difference in levels of anxiety, I feel ‘lighter’.  I have also noticed that arguments/conflicts at home have not been such a trigger for anxiety.  I seem more able to cope with this and keep it in perspective.  Kathy is so easy to talk to.  I felt really relaxed.” V.

“ I really appreciate what you’ve done, what you’ve said and the direction that I’ve gone since starting this.  The little coping strategies have been helpful.  I really appreciate your help and your time.” G.

“ It put more fun back into my life, improved my self-esteem and gave me some strategies for coping.” V.
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