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About depression

“Depression is like a dark mist lurking in the corners of the room, always there, always ready to come surging forward and rising up to envelop you.  It is blackness, it is emptiness, it is meaninglessness and total inner despair.”  (Dorothy Rowe).


People who are suffering from depression often describe feeling isolated (even when in the company of others) and an enormous lethargy and lack of motivation to do anything.  They often describe thought processes that may keep them awake at night, going over things that have happened to them, or things they think they should have, or should not have done and feelings of hopelessness, guilt and low self-worth.
I recognise that it may be difficult to find the energy to even consider coming to see a counsellor, however making that call, or sending that email, will be part of many small manageable steps to recovery.  


Whilst there are common elements to depression, each person with their own unique history and circumstances, will experience it in their own way and will need to find their own path to recovery.  That is how I can help.  


How counselling can help with depression?


I often think that I act as a sort of positive anchor for clients who are suffering from depression.  They have a point of contact each week with someone who cares and is cheering them on.  I provide empathy, understanding and encouragement to move through each week and take lots of small (and when ready – big) steps to recovery.


Together we can find out if there is anything that is triggering you?  How can you best take care of yourself?

How might others help?  What do you want in your life? Whatever your personal story and current difficulties, I am here to listen, make suggestions, lend energy and help you find your way through, at a pace that you determine, to living the life you want to live.  

What next?


I offer  a no-obligation 50 minute consultation for £60, for you to meet me and ask me any questions.  I’ll also have a few questions about your mental and physical health, as well as your current circumstances, your reason for seeking counselling at this point and what you hope to gain from it.


I work from comfortable rooms in Seaford, just opposite the train station, I welcome any questions, or queries about counselling and how it can help, either by phone or email.

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