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About Counselling


                                                                       “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can changeCarl Rogers

How does counselling work?

Different counsellors work in different ways.  It is important to find the right counsellor for you. I’m an integrative counsellor, which means I can tailor my approach to you. This might mean listening and helping you draw out your own conclusions, or maybe sharing different ways of thinking and new ideas.  I may suggest keeping a diary of anxious thoughts and feelings, or trying doing things differently. We may do mindful breathing exercises, or I might signpost you to practical help. The most important thing is that I listen, understand and am guided by you, as you are the expert on what you are experiencing and what you need.

I work with a contract between us about what it is you want from the counselling, so we both understand what we are doing together in the sessions.  If you don’t immediately know, that’s no problem we can find that out together. 


During the sessions

If you decide to focus on a particular issue, for example a difficult relationship, reducing angry outbursts, or intense feelings of anxiety, then it is likely that the content of the sessions will focus around these particular issues.  If you are facing several difficult issues, then we are likely to work each week on the one which seems most urgent to you. Whatever way we decide to work together it will be at a pace you feel comfortable with, for some that is fast and as quickly as possible and may include homework, for others that may be slowly and gently, I’m guided by you and what you want.

How many sessions will I need??


Counselling is a weekly process.  Normally it is best to stick to the same day and time each week. The number of sessions you need will depend on your individual situation and what you want to achieve.  Sometimes people want just a few sessions and sometimes people want several months of weekly sessions if they are dealing with more complicated issues.  I review with you as we work together to ensure you are getting the benefits you want.

The counselling relationship


The most effective counselling takes place when there is a warm and trusting relationship between the client and the counsellor.  This is because if you feel safe with your counsellor, you are more likely to be able to be open and honest about yourself and your difficulties, which in turn means you are more likely to understand yourself and your situation better and then be able take on the challenge of making any necessary changes, such that your wellbeing improves.

Choosing your counsellor

So choosing the right counsellor for you is very important. There are many counsellors in Seaford and the surrounding area and this gives you lots of options. I offer a 50 minute initial consultation for £60 and will not take it at all personally if you decide not to work with me.  What’s most important is finding the right counsellor for you.

How much does it cost?

I charge £60 per 50 minute session for individuals. 

Please note that I do not work during the main school holidays at Christmas, Easter and during the summer.  If you think that you will need year-round support, I’m happy to recommend another counsellor.

Counsellor Seaford

I am a 5 minute walk from the centre of town on the seafront.                                                                  

Counselling “offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you improve things” BACP

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, talking to someone who cares but is not involved in your everyday life and who is trained to listen attentively helps.  You should feel supported and understood, yet gently challenged to gain understanding and acceptance of what exactly is going on, enabling you to start feeling better and make changes to improve your wellbeing.    

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