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Stress and Anxiety

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Maybe even experiencing physical symptoms like heart palpitations or panic attacks? A little bit of stress can be a good thing, it motivates us to meet our goals and strive to achieve new challenges which can be fulfilling and rewarding but too much stress and our wellbeing can be affected. 


It can be difficult to admit that anger sometimes causes you problems, but what is anger costing you?  If you are wondering why you get so angry, your outbursts are hurting the people you love, or you are even worried it may cost you your job, counselling focussed on anger management can help. 

Relationship Issues

Our close relationships are a very important aspect of our lives. If you are struggling in your relationships, with your partner, family members, colleagues at work, or are perhaps having trouble establishing close relationships, it’s normal that this would affect how you are feeling and your wellbeing.  Counselling can help.

 Counselling can help you gain a better understanding of the causes of your stress and anxiety so you can manage your life differently, or develop coping strategies for your day to day life.

Nearly 9/10 people said taking the anger management course had made a dramatic difference to their lives, with 89.5% saying it was effective in reducing the intensity of their anger and helping them be angry less often.

"Extensive research has shown that people with satisfying relationships are likely to have fewer health problems and live longer. In contrast, those who do not have many social connections tend to show signs of depression and cognitive decline.”  BACP

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